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ACM Radio Noms:

ACM Radio Nominees: Radio nominees for the 58th ACM Awards are:

National Daily Personality:

  • Derek “Big D” Haskins, Sean “Bubba” Powell, Patrick Thomas and Jessica “Carsen” Humphreville; The Big D & Bubba Show
  • Bobby Bones, Amy Brown, “Lunchbox” Dan Chappell, “Producer Eddie” Garcia, “Morgan #2” Huelsman, “SZN” Ray Slater, “Scuba Steve” Stephen Spradlin, “Mike D” Rodriguez, “Phone Screener Abby” Anderson, Pitts, Kevin and Lauren; The Bobby Bones Show
  • Ania Hammar; Nights With Ania
  • Elaina Smith; Nights With Elaina
  • Shawn Parr; Shawn Parr’s Across The Country

National Weekly Personality:

  • Kix Brooks; American Country Countdown
  • Loriane Crook and Charlie Chase; Crook And Chase Countdown
  • Michael Knox and Shalacy Griffin; Knox Country 360
  • Kelleigh Bannen; Today’s Country
  • Elaina Smith; With Elaina

Major Market Personality:

  • George Lindsay, Monica “Mo” Lunsford and Erik Scott Smith; The Morning Bullpen; KILT/Houston
  • Michael J; At Work Show; WPOC/Baltimore
  • JR Jaus, Launa Phillips and Kevin Ebel; Tampa Bay’s Morning Krew; WQYK/Tampa
  • Andie Summers, Jeff Kurkjian, Donnie Black and Shannon Boyle; The Andie Summers Show; WXTU/Philadelphia
  • Josh Holleman, Rachael Hunter and Steve Grunwald; Josh, Rachael & Grunwald In The Morning; WYCD/Detroit

Large Market Personality:

  • Tim Leary and Chelsea Taylor; Tim + Chelsea Morning Show; WIRK/West Palm Beach
  • “Ridder” Shaun Ridderbush, Scott Dolphin and Shannen Oesterreich; Ridder, Scott And Shannen; WMIL/Milwaukee
  • Mike Wheless and Amanda Daughtry; The Q Morning Crew; WQDR/Raleigh
  • “Wayne D” Danielson and Tay Hamilton; The Wayne D Show; WSIX/Nashville
  • “Big Dave” Chandler, Jason “Stattman” Statt and Ashley Dawn; The Big Dave Show; WUBE/Cincinnati

Medium Market Personality:

  • Brent Michaels; KUZZ/Bakersfield, CA
  • Cliff Dumas and Tanya Brakebill; Cliff & Tanya In The Morning; KUZZ/Bakersfield, CA
  • Steve Lundy and Gina Melton; Steve & Gina In The Morning; KXKT/Omaha, NE
  • Nancy Wilson and Aaron “Woody” Woods; New Country Mornings With Nancy And Woody; WHKO/Dayton, OH
  • Julie Kansy and Dale Sellers; Julie And DJ In The Morning; WPCV/Lakeland, FL

Small Market Personality:

  • Deb Miles; WBYT/South Bend, IN
  • Steve Waters and Tiffany Kay; Steve & Tiffany In The Morning; WFLS/Fredericksburg, VA
  • Sean Lamb and Dave Patrick; Kicks Morning Crew; WQLK/Richmond, IN
  • Steve Stroud, Ben Walker and Nikki Thomas; Morning Air Show; WXBQ/Bristol, VA
  • Brent Lane and Melissa “Mel” McCrae; Cat Pak Morning Show; WYCT/Pensacola, FL

Major Market Station:

  • KILT/Houston
  • KKBQ/Houston
  • KMLE/Phoenix
  • KSCS/Dallas
  • WXTU/Philadelphia

Large Market Station:

  • KFRG/Riverside
  • KSOP/Salt Lake City
  • WKDF/Nashville
  • WMIL/Milwaukee
  • WPGB/Pittsburgh
  • WQDR/Raleigh
  • WSIX/Nashville

Medium Market Station:

  • KIIM/Tucson, AZ
  • KSKS/Fresno, CA
  • KXKT/Omaha, NE
  • WIVK/Knoxville, TN
  • WQMX/Akron, OH
  • WUSY/Chattanooga, TN

Small Market Station:

  • WAYZ/Hagerstown, MD
  • WBYT/South Bend, IN
  • WCOW/Tomah-La Crosse, WI
  • WXFL/Florence, AL
  • WYCT/Pensacola, FL

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