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Dingo Departing: iHeartMedia WDRM/Huntsville, AL morning co-host and WAMZ/Louisville afternoon personality "Dingo" Brent Crank will depart at the end of the week. He joined WDRM in 2019 (CAT 10/9/19) and added WAMZ in 2020 (CAT 10/12/20). Previous stops include WQNU/Louisville; KSWG/Wickenburg, AZ; KFIN/Jonesboro, AR; WGTR/Myrtle Beach; and an earlier stint at WDRM. He shared on social media that he plans to "take some time to relax and figure out our next adventure." No word on plans for the positions.


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The ACM 2024
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A quick reference guide to the 2024 VMA Nominees


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