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Storme Warning: Storme Warren, host of The Big 615 show on TuneIn's Sevens Radio Network, is launching new podcast The StormeCast for the network. It will feature interviews about the early days of artists and extended interviews from Warren’s weekday show. The podcast kicks off with Miranda Lambert, and is available to stream on TuneIn and all major podcast platforms. Sevens founder Garth Brooks says Warren, "loves the artists and the artists love him. That is what is going to make his podcast special."


In other podcast news, media company City Cast expands to Music City with the launch of the City Cast Nashville podcast, which will drop 20-minute episodes each weekday focused on local politics, technology, food, culture, sports and news. The first episode (listen here) features Mayor Freddie O'Connell. Music industry veteran Whitney Pastorek, formerly of Red Light Management, is Exec. Producer. Grace Fuisz is the host.


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